In this issue, we look at Algramo, a Chilean start-up focused on reducing plastic waste:

  • Algramo has pioneered a dispenser that allows consumers to use reusable containers to buy food staples and consumer packaged goods (CPG) products.
  • Algramo is teaming with Unilever for distribution by electric tricycle and with Cisco for RFID chips to embed in the reusable packages as a wallet.
  • Large CPG companies are incentivized to reduce packaging waste due to Chilean and EU rules. Consumers like that they can get high quality products at a discount. Retailers like the pull effect the Algramo dispensers have.
  • The lead investor in this relatively small offering is Closed Loop Partners, a VC fund whose limited partners are CPG companies.
  • I have some questions about Algramo’s business model, but if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact me.